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Corporate Events


Need a Team Building event that's different?

Participants must be 8 years old or older.
We usually schedule a team building for an hour and a half. We have found most people haven't shot before, so we like to teach for the first 40 minutes. We suggest a 10 minute break, so we don't wear anyone out too fast. Then for the last 40 minutes, we play a game or kill zombie targets.
Corporate Events and Team Building Events                  $25 per person
Scouts, Church Groups, ect                                             $25 per person
8 Participants minimum for a party.

We'll provide almost everything. 
Bows, Arrows, Safety Equipment, Targets and Coaches with great games. 
Feel free to bring snacks, drinks, or anything else.

All participants must sign a waiver of liability before they are allowed to shoot a bow. Sorry, no exceptions.

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